5 signs you should marry your girlfriend


You are dating for a long time and now want to think about marriage, cool. But you just can’t marry anyone, not everyone can fulfill your needs or can be a good spouse.


I am going to tell you about some signs that you can search for in your partner. These signs will help you to make the equation easily. If your women match these signs then hold her tightly, never lose her. So read on to know more.


She loves you

This is the most important thing that matters when you are going to step into a new/big relationship. Maybe you are thinking that what kind of question is it when both of you are in a relationship obviously there will be love. No dear, you are wrong. Just because you are in a relationship, it doesn’t mean she loves you, its just started.

When she knows your all little quirks, has spent lots of time with you then the emotions increase between you two and it turns into love. She will tolerate all your weird actions, will nurse you when you are ill, and will be with you when you are cranky then it will be clear how much she loves you.

There is nothing that can prove she loves you, only you can understand her emotions, if you think she loves and desires for you then don’t let her go away, keep her with you. When she will love you with wholeheartedly, your relationship will bloom and will last forever.


She is sensible

If you want a happy and balanced life then there is no better option than a sensible girl. You have to avoid short tempers and overreacting girl and look for a calm nature girl who will be able to handle a difficult or stressful situation easily.


Yes, she will get upset sometimes but she won’t react for minor issues, she has the strength to manage her emotions with maturity. She will be medicine for you when you will feel under stress. You can trust on her ability, and consult with her for anything you want freely.


She will support you and will give you great advice whenever you need it. So, if your girl is enough sensible then don’t take any risk, directly propose and get married to her.


She is simple and amiable

Being simple doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her appearance, the thing is that she doesn’t want to spend hours on getting ready for a date. She wants you to get to see her as she is and love her as the way she looks. She likes to take the pride that she is beautiful without putting lots of makeup on her face or wearing a fancy dress.

And the benefits go to you, you won’t have to spend much on her. She will be happy on a rose rather than a pricey gift and this way she will also save your money. She will adjust her in every situation and won’t complain like you aren’t fulfilling her needs, you don’t have the ability to give her any pricey gift, etc. In a saying, there will be no pressure on you that how you will maintain her lifestyle.

You won’t have to change yourself for her, she will love you like the way you are.


She stands for you

There is no support you can get rather than your partner, she is your number one supporter. No matter what happens your partner is the one who trusts you, supports you, and will stand behind you all the time. She will be singing your praise all day long and you can depend on her blindly.

Maybe you aren’t sure about what you can do and what not but she is too sure about that, she will be there for you always. She has her complete faith in you and she will be your confidence. If the worst time came into your lives still she will be standing with you and will encourage you to stand again to get success.

She won’t leave you if you are drawing into the water but will give her hand to hold and get out of that situation.


Your girl is independent

Yes, it’s true that after marriage she will be your responsibility and you will have to pay her bills and give her everything she needs but still there is some difference between a depending girl and an independent girl. When she is independent she won’t count on you or wait for you to take care of her needs.


She wants you because she loves you not because she needs you or running after you for money. And I am sure she isn’t a gold digger and really loves you.. She is strong and confident and will be able to help you in bad times. She is more passionate and understanding, won’t be afraid to walk alone, and won’t demand your time or attention all-day. She knows what is good for herself and also for yourself, she will direct you if you go in the wrong you.


Interdependency will make your relationship healthy.

So it’s important to have an independent girl your life.


I am sure this article helped you with what you wanted to know. So, don’t be late if your girl has all these qualities then just go ahead with her and leave behind all bad things. Wish you a very happy married life with your current girlfriend.