5 signs he is going to propose you to marry


When you are in a relationship for a long time, it’s natural you are wondering when your partner will ask you the question to marry him.

You know when it comes to about proposing, girls dream a lot about it. They want their partner to ask them to marry in a romantic way like sitting on his knee with a rose or maybe a ring. That’s a dream, right?

And exciting too.

But the question is when he is going to do that? Well, no one can give the answer to this question rather than him. And you also can’t ask directly to him, but there is some sign through those you can get clues that he is planning to propose to you very soon.

So read on to spot those signs.


He is too friendly with your family

This is the most common sign your partner is going to propose to you.  He is spending time with your family to know more about your choices. He wants to confirm everything is going as you want but he can’t ask you to check that’s why he is taking the help of your family.

He asks for the permission of your parents before he proposes to you. He wants to be assured that everything is ok with the proposal like your parents are happy with it, they like him and want your future with him. He creates a beautiful atmosphere so that you can say yes happily with heart. He doesn’t want anything to go in the wrong way.

So if your partner is more friendly than a regular basis with your family then you can be assured he is going to propose you very soon, prepare yourself for a beautiful surprise, and ready to say a big yes." 


Suddenly he is more concerned about money

Well, we know that marriage isn’t about money it’s about love but still, there are some wishes in the hearts of the bride and groom. Some couples want a dreamy wedding, these days its called a destination wedding, they want to invite their all family and friends and want to get married with their best wishes.

But before the wedding, the guy has to propose his girl and for that, they plan a surprise for her, you know how much girls love diamonds, so if they want to propose his girl with a gesture of love (diamond ring) then he has to save money for that.

If your partner is more sticky with a strict budget these days then you can consider he is saving money to propose you with a ring, and that’s why he is saving money and have become frugal.


He is hanging out with your friends

 If your spouse is concerned and hanging out with your friends more than you these days, then something is fishy there. What can be the secret talk with your BFF?

Chances are there they are talking and planning about how he can propose you. As always, our friends know our all secret, what we like and dislike so its not a surprising thing that your partner is taking their help. Your friends will help your partner by telling him what kinds of ring you will love to wear, what are your dreams related to proposing, what is the size of your ring, what dresses you will love to wear and if your destination is getting proposed at a vacation then they can help him by telling the destination place name or they can help by giving him your passport. Much more help is there that your friends can do in proposing.

Without the help of friends, it’s just impossible to surprise someone, so your partner is doing the right thing.


Want to take you to a fancy restaurant/beach for a date

If your partner is suddenly asking you for a date in your favorite restaurant or on a beach then you can assume proposing is knocking at the door. He is going to propose to you very soon.

As we know our partner wants to propose us as the way we dream or love. He wants to give us all the happiness that we want, that’s why he wants to propose his partner as the way she loves, by sitting on his knee on her favorite place with an engagement ring or flower. How romantic is it!

But most of the partner wants to keep this as a secret, they don’t want their girl to know about his plan, that’s why he is trying to take you on the proposing place by telling its a date or surprise.

So if your relationship has been a long time and its beautiful between you two and your partner is suddenly asking you to go on a date with him in your favorite place or in a surprising place then be sure he is going to propose you.


Curious to know the future plans

When we talk about our future, usually we tell actually what we want in our future. And its different matter what is stored for us in the future. In our future, we want to lead a happy life, where we will have someone in our life who will be the reason for happiness.

If your partner is asking you what is your future plans like when do you want to get married or settle down, how many kids you want or don’t want any, what qualities you look for your partner, and so on then he wants to propose you and that’s why he is trying to know actually what you want. Basically, he is trying to find the answer to his question ( will you marry me).


If your partner has many of these or all the signs then keep patience to get a surprise and be ready to say a yes to your partner to make him your life partner.