5 qualities you should search in your partner


You are ready to get married but what about your partner, what qualities should you look for in your partner?


Have many desires?


Whatever you want, there is no surety that if you find someone who matches your desires will be an ideal companion. This is as simple as that, actually we don’t always want what we say we want.


Maybe we are thinking of getting someone who is beautiful, and smart but after some time this can be proven wrong. We choose our partner because we know them for a long time not because we enjoy their company and after some time that relationship becomes a burden to us.


Marrying is more than physical beauty and sexiness, your partner should have some quality or sign that will make them a great partner. These qualities are mostly found common to every successful relationship. Yes everyone isn’t perfect still you need to look for at least some key qualities in your partner. If they are worth it then you can consider marrying them.



This is the first and most important quality your partner should have. Every person is filled with flaws and emotional effects. You can’t seek someone to be perfect, rather you should look for maturity in your partner.

 Someone who has the ability to think and learn more about themselves, open about the past and has growth in the present is the one to get married. He should be non reactive, and think before he says something. He doesn't give his emotions priority over his actions. He should be independent, self assured and won’t look for someone to fix or complete him


Be Open

Only maturity isn’t enough, he should be open for feedback. If you didn’t like any of his acts or behaviour he should have the courage to listen and change his behaviour. He should hear you openly, whatever you have to say about him just tell him and see how he manages it. The more open both of you will be the more your communication will grow and will develop a healthy close relationship between you two.

If someone isn’t willing to hear you and doesn't want to change himself then there is no chance your relationship will grow. So it's really important for both of you to openly communicate,and share your feelings and reaction with each other. If you do so then there will be no chance of creating tension and rift into your relationship. Be open and honest that will build a solid foundation for a healthy relationship and will evolve with time.


Be Honest

Some couples have the misconception that they need the support of lies to survive their relationship. Really? I don’t think so. You need to look for honesty in your partner, who will keep their words and will be open how he feels. You need to be with someone who will tell you whatever is going on in his mind.

No matter how hard the truth is still there shouldn’t be any space for secrecy between two of you.



Respect is another quality you should look for in your partner. When your partner will encourage you to be yourself, you will feel safe and secure in your relationship. You will be an independent individual within yourself. When someone of this kind person you will find, love will automatically blossom. This relationship will make you more happy and will encourage you to take up new challenges, you will be able to engage in a self destructive attitude. Your partner will respect you and will help you to be respected also. He will appreciate you and will help you to do those things where you have interest. If your partner has this kind of quality then you can easily share your life with this person.



Just because you are in a relationship don’t ever think two people have become one. You need to identify your partner individually. If your relationship doesn’t have independent attraction then your relationship will go south.

There should be passion in a relationship, you have to maintain your individuality and only then you will be able to enjoy the different interests both of you have. Try out new things and keep your romance alive. If attraction isn’t there then the relationship won’t work and that’s why being independent is important.


# Bonus


Laughter is the cure of every illness, especially for relationships. When you have the ability to make someone happy you are a perfect candidate to get married to. You will make your partner laugh when she will be sad or will be in a bad mood. It's not so easy but this is a quality you should look into your partner. If he has this quality then never let him go, just stick with him and shower love.


We won’t find someone who has all these qualities but we need to find someone who has almost all of these qualities. Each of us will find different qualities among our partners and as usual, no one can have all the good qualities. Still we need to strive to find some of the listed qualities that will help us to live happily with our partner.