How you can build a long-lasting relationship with your partner

Do you want to build a healthy lasting relationship?

Who doesn’t make silly mistakes and ruin their relationship?

Everyone does.

Building a strong lasting relationship is hard but not an impossible task. So if you make an effort and try your best, you can also have a lasting relationship.

I am sharing some tips that will help you to flourish your relationship with your partner and keep it alive till the end of your day. So read on.


Honesty and trust

Honesty is the foundation of any strong relationship. If your relationship doesn’t have honesty then I am sure, it’s going to die very soon. Facing the truth is always better than running a relationship that is based on a lie. Be true about your feelings and thoughts, tell your partner openly whatever you feel about your relationship

Trust is another important element of a healthy relationship, if your partner is not trustworthy then doubt will increase with the time and your relationship isn’t going to last till th end.

If you want your relationship to last then keep confidence, do what you say, respect your partner, and be always there for your partner emotionally and physically.


Give time and attention

No matter how long you are dating, both of you should feel the same as you you had felt in the earlier day of your relationship. Give and get the respect and attention as your relationship had from the start. Don’t ever stops loving and giving less value to your partner and make your partner your habit, this will crack your relationship. Feel refresh and new every day, relationships never get old and you shouldn’t also feel so. Our body gets old but the heart never.

Plan a surprise date for your partner, let them feel new like the starter days, don’t ever ignore your partner just because you got married now. Treat your partner with full respect always and strive to make them happy.  Don’t get stuck in a busy schedule, make some quality time to spend with your partner.


Support and each other interests, dreams and passions

When you are in a relationship it’s like both of you are in a team. You have to support each other mutually and maintain activities & interests also. You have to make efforts together to go a long run with each other. You have to encourage and support each other to makes your dream come true.

Yes, everyone, is individuals and their dreams are also different but its also necessary to have some shared goals that will keep both of you together. When you will work together to gain something there will be a struggle that both of you will have to face and though this journey your relationship will grow more strong.


Listen to your partner actively

Can you guess what I mean to say?

I am trying to say listen to your partner, understand his message, and do not focus on preparing yourself to defense. You just have to listen carefully and for that find a place where there is no distraction and you can focus only on what he is trying to say. Leave all negativity and concentrate on real-time conversions.

Be attentive, make eye contact, and nod your head when you agree with him when he will stop ask him if you have any questions. Don’t interrupt in the middle, scroll social media, or glance at your phone. This will show your partner how much you focus and give attention to him.


Communicate properly

Without communication building, a relationship that lasts long isn’t possible. You have to build great communication with your partner. Remember communicating isn’t a blaming game. Its a responsibility.

You have to share your feelings with your partner, how you feel about his which actions and have to search a way to improve that feeling. Whatever you have in your mind tell him in a soft tone, don’t start blaming him for anything. Speak with love and understanding by meeting your partner’s eyes, don’t yell to resolve the matter.


Discuss, don’t let issues grow big in size

A strong relationship doesn’t need work, but a discussion. When your relationshi[p is strong enough, you just have to find out the problems and sit out with your partner and discuss how you can solve them before they grow into ugly heads. No one is perfect so it’s normal there will be issues but the problem isn’t having issues the problem is we don’t make efforts to resolve them. When we will discuss and find solutions to our problems by discussing it with each other, it will be easy and resolved. Make commitments and try to fulfill them and if you can’t then directly tell it to your partner, don’t expect your partner will understand your problems without your confession. Remember this he isn’t a mind reader, so, tell him openly about all your problems.


Building relationship is easy but maintaining it is very hard. You have to make efforts to make it a lifetime. Try these tips, I hope your relationship will grow and last longer. If you have any questions let me know, leave a comment below I will try to answer your questions.

Best wishes there for your relationship.