Top 5 Secrets- how you can make your relationship last forever


No matter how long you are staying together in a relationship, if there is no love between you two then its impossible to make your relationship last forever. Love is a beautiful feeling or you can say it’s the wonderful feeling of the world. But only love doesn’t work, marriage is a hard job.

There are some more secrets( fun, trust, affection, etc) that can help you to make your relationship last longer.


Argue but on the right time

Yes, when you are on a relationship there will be arguments also. But the thing is that you have to pick the right time to do the arguments. You just can’t start anywhere at any time. When you are angry or frustrated obviously there will be dark thoughts in your mind and if you start talking at that time then the argument won’t be a fair one, it will be a dark fight or a blaming game. So keep patience, wait for the right time, and give your mind a refreshment. When your mind is calm and there is no distraction between you two start your conversions and argue fairly. Remember conflicts shouldn’t get the chance to get bigger, you should resolve it as soon as it is possible.


Stop blaming each other

It’s normal when we feel disappointed, angry, bored, or betrayed we got stressed out and start frustrating with the one whom we loved most. When problems came into our relationship and we don’t have solutions for that we start blaming each other, we try our best to prove ourselves innocent and got aggressive prove the other one faulty.  Most of us try to win rather than resolving a matter, we want to be happy by making the other one unhappy and don’t want to find happiness in our loved ones.

But real happiness is not there. We will be able to find happiness in our relationship when we will be able to share and care for each other and will try to resolve conflicts rather than winning above the other one. Until we leave thinking about only ourselves it’s not possible to run a relationship. In relationship, there are two people, and its necessary for both partners to be happy with it.


Try new things to make your relationship last longer


Everyday problems, boredom, or frustration can shrink the spark between two partners. But it’s not good for a relationship. If you want your relationship to last forever you will have to try your best to hold the spark.

You can complement each other like you are looking beautiful in this dress or you are looking dashing in this blue t-shirt. You should also pamper yourself and make efforts to look beautiful. You can go to gym together to stay fit or do some yoga at home together. It will give your mind refreshment and will also get some time to spend together. You can help each other in household work or appreciate each other for help. Don’t forget to make love like eye contact, hugs, or forehead kisses.


Listen to each other needs


Some of us think that as we are in a relationship our partner has to understand our needs without telling. But we know that every time it’s not possible. We have to tell our partner what we expect and need from him. He isn’t a mind reader so it’s not possible he will understand everything.

Yes, some things are there that can our partner understand before we mention it to him, but not all the time. Maybe, you are upset and that’s why he is planning something for you at home but you are feeling like going outside for a date, tell him about your wishes, trust me if he loves you he will give priorities to your wishes and will also try to fulfill them.

You should also do the same. Try to know and fulfill his wishes also, if both of you try to make each other happy then your relationship is going to last forever. It’s obvious if you aren’t happy with the relationship then you can’t go a long way with it.


Be each other BFF

Many tell spouse can’t be a friend let alone BFF, but it’s not the truth. Two people who are in a relationship can be a friend too, and when that happens the relationship becomes more understanding and beautiful.


We know how important friends are for life, imagine when the most loved one of your life becomes your best friend how easy your life will be. He will try to understand you as a friend, will know your mood swings, your likes, dislikes, and everything about you. There will be trust, efforts, happiness, and everything that you want. Both of you will know each other and try your best to makes happy each other and that’s how your relationship will grow more and more.