How you can improve your relationship


Marriage is the relation between two people and heart, you give promises to love each other till the last day you breathe. Maybe you have a fight and you are feeling that your relationship is breaking apart, don’t think so, take it as a chance.

Understand your relationship is demanding improvement. We know relationship needs commitment and effort to work. When you will put your effort and keep your commitment, trust me your relationship will be more strong.

Yes, you heard me right, just keep a little patience and see how relationship improve.

I am sharing some tips that will help you to improve your relationship if you want to improve then just read on and follow them. I hope your problem will be solved.


Put yourself in your partner shoes


Understanding your partner situation is the fuel of a great relationship.

How can you understand their situation?


Super easy to do. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and watch the world from their perspective. When you respond to your partner by understanding their situation the trust, safety, and bond between you two get more strong. When things get worsen and there is nothing to do anymore, then this is the last thing you can do, step outside of your world and begin to realize a different reality of your partner situation. Understand his situation and appreciate him. But don’t think that just because you are trying to understand him you have to give up your own reality. Don’t do that just suspend your reality and imagine only 5 to 10% of his feelings.


If you try to understand your partner, he will melt and will also open up for a better connection and this will be the thing that will improve your relationship.


Listen to your spouse emotion


If your spouse is in distress, have complaints against you or you are feeling blamed then understand that there is some unmet need, or emotions. You have to try to tap into their hidden emotions and make them out of that situation. Your spouse should feel you value their emotions, you have to make them feel valued and stressed out.

 Don’t yell at them no matter what mistakes they made. If you do that then there are chances you will get two results, return feedback I mean your partner will do the same with you or they will feel afraid to you and won’t be able to share their emotions with you. Like this, your relationship will get damaged and there won’t be any way to regain that.

If you want your relations to improve then you need to try to connect with their needs. When your partner isn’t happy with you or with the relationship you share with them then it becomes difficult to carry.

So if you want to continue then you have to remember this you can’t misbehave with them, you have to realize their needs and try your best to fulfill them.


Show love to your spouse

Only loving your partner isn’t enough, you have to show your love to them. You just can’t sit relax by thinking that your spouse knows how much you love them, you have to make efforts to make them realize that.

You can’t take your spouse taken for granted, you have to complement each other, and say how much you love.


Adore yourself like dress up nicely when you go for a date night,  a new haircut or any improvement that will make you easily noticeable, You can say your partner how attractive and desirable she is to you, what you like about her most, and what is the best thing about her that makes you laugh. Your spouse should do the same with you. The relationship isn’t only yours so you also can’t improve it alone. You have to work together to improve it


You have to make feel special to each other, give time to your relationship, go on dates, or plan something like surprises as often as you can afford.


Express gratitude to your partner

It’s not a secret that in a long term relationship at a time we take our partner for granted. But it’s not good for a healthy relationship. When our partner makes efforts we should express our gratitude without ignoring it. You should be grateful to your partner, say thank you when they do something special for you or any effort they made to makes you happy. If you do this then your partner will feel appreciated. This behavior will encourage them to do something every now and then. And it will create balance into your relationship.


When there will be a balance in your relationship it will be more strong, there will be love and respect between you two. And this is how your relationship will grow and improve gradually. 


Be prepared to receive feedback

We know communication is how much important for a strong relationship. But it’s not possible by one, both of the partners need to make efforts for that. You can’t expect your partner will only hear you out and won’t give you any vulnerable reaction, if you are thinking so then you are living in a dream world. You have to bear what you have said. When you will tell your partner about your complaints to them, obviously they will give clarification to you. They will try their best to prove them innocent even it can be that they will blame you in return. But the thing isboth of you have to understand that you are talking to resolve, it’s not a blaming game.

So you have to be prepared to face your partner feedback, and will have to try your best to keep the communication into talking not arguing.